Sunny Skye (sunny_skye) wrote,
Sunny Skye

Four Days Remain.
On Saturday, I will be hosting a party. This is a big thing for me. A step forward, out of my usual hikikomori, keep-to-myself, antisocial demeanor that has been dictating my life.
I have only met a few of the people who will be attending, so my hope is to make some new friends, if I can just keep from being awkward. Oh, and I suppose that I'll have to prepare for the inevitable crowd who avoids me based on my physical appearance.
There's always that.
But if I can throw one hell of a party with free red bull and tons of other free miscellaneous odds and ends, maybe no one will even notice or care that I am not a walking skeleton.
I have spent a lot of time devising some really fun games. And I have spent quite a bit of money buying prizes for those games, not to mention booking space at the arcade.
I invited the Walmart employees that I know have 3DS systems. This is, after all, a 3DS Streetpass party.
I hope that everyone in the area can attend, and that I have enough goodies to go around.
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I haven't eaten in 24 hours. I will quit smoking soon.
The book I have been reading is called "Pontypool Changes Everything," and it's a far cry from the movie that is based on it.
Not so much a bad thing as it is exciting. It's like having a completely different story within the same world.
Some movies are fit to be carbon copies of the books they are based on. Others are much better when they seem practically unrelated. I have hardly been able to put it down.
Tags: 3ds, party, pontypool, streetpass

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